NH3 ( Anhydrous Ammonia )

Our Refrigeration Grade Anhydrous Ammonia is manufactured to the highest specifications and quality control standards designed for industries requiring pure grade ammonia such as the refrigeration industry, cold storage, rubber factories, ice factories and beverage industries.


NH3 ( ammonia ) 99.5%min 99.8%min
WATER 0.5%max 0.2%max
OIL 10ppm(max) 3.5ppm

What good quality ammonia does?

- Save your power cost.

Don’t have to drive machine more to get more cold.

- Get more cold.

In the same amount of NH3, you will get more cold.

- Save your maintenance cost.

Good quality ammonia works fine on your compressor. Impurities like water and oil will affect man points in your system: dirt buildups in pipeline, oil contamination, debris in solenoid values.

Rust Inhibitors

Sodium Dichromante ( Anti-Rust Substance ) ( USA made သံချေးကာဆေးများကို လည်းတင်သွင်းရောင်းချပါသည်)

Solution for protecting ice block and refrigeration coil.Suitable for ice-block making factories.

Rust Inhibitors work by making a film on steel to stop or slow corrosion , when there are extensive corrosion area, steel will hhave rust. Your ice block or refrigerant coil may break.For ice block ,it will effect on ice cleanliness.For refrigerant coil , your refrigerant charge will leak in brine pool.

" Feel free to consult us for ice block protecting solution , and tips for preventive maintenance to reduct costs and improve quality "